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Blackberry Farm


We keep our pantry filled with helpful, wholesome and, of course, delicious mixes and goods. Now these regionally milled grains and locally produced honey and peanut butter can become a healthy part of your own pantry at home.
  • Balsamic and Olive Oil Set

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    Balsamic and Olive Oil Set

    Item: #530184

     Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Our cold-pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Napa Valley has a mild taste that is well-suited for cooking with various flavors, or adding flavor to pastas and breads. (350 ml.)

    Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar

    Aged in wood casks in Modena, Italy, our Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar is flawlessly infused with blackberry flavor, and irresistible when drizzled over fruit, salad or a mixture of nuts and seeds. (350 ml.)

    This comes gift wrapped in a birchwood box.

    Price: $88.00

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