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Functional Fitness Fundamentals
EarthFIT Principles

These exercises and circuits are designed to be progressive and offer options to increase difficulty. Begin week one by completing Circuit I two times. On week two, complete Circuit I and Circuit II. For week three, complete Circuit II two times. By week four, explore other ways to increase difficulty and fun by following your own curiosity! Remain consistent with our training principles and goals and create your own Circuit III.

Warm Up
Raise the body temperature and heart rate
Prepare the muscles, connective tissue and joints for the workout ahead
Gradually increase range of motion and intensity

Perform the following (apx. 15yards is one rep)

Walk Forward/Walk Backward (x2 each)
Skip Forward/Jog Backward (x2 each)
Karaoke or Side Shuffle (x2)
Frankenstein Walks (toe touches) (x2)
Jumping Jacks (x20)
Standing Arm Circles Forward/Backward (x10 each)
Heel/Toes Rock/Raise (x10)
Neck flexion and extension (x10)

Complete two non-stop circuits
Incorporate a wide variety of functional movement patterns involving multiple directions—forward, backward, side to side, squatting and lunging.
Challenge physical and mental abilities and fuel curiosity

Circuit I:    Do 10repetitions each or hold for 30 seconds

Mountain climbers

Windmills: straight arms parallel to ground

Air squats

Incline plank

Incline push-ups

Step ups

Jumping jacks

Side plank

Walking lunges

Downward dog to plank

Supine hip bridge

Supine bicycle

Circuit II:    Do 20 repetitions each or hold for 1minute

Donkey kicks

Windmill twists: hands behind head, opposite knee to elbow

Jump squats

Regular or decline plank

Modified or decline push-ups


Side plank reach under/open up

Jump lunges

Inchworm: walk hands out to plank, walk feet up to hands

Crab walk: forward/ backward and sideways

V-ups: arms up

Cool Down
Take the body back to a normal resting state gradually.
Eliminate muscle tension through sustained stretches. (20-30 seconds)
Use deep breathing to relax and re-energize the body.

Perform the following:

Walk (2 minutes)
Calf stretches
Cat/Cow slowing the breathe: inhale look up/exhale round back) (x10)
Child’s pose
Seated, reclined quad stretch
Tricep stretch: arm overhead, press elbow down or clasp behind back
Sit and reach: Legs wide - R/L  Legs together - forward fold
Figure 4 stretch: on back, R ankle to L knee, draw knee to chest, repeat L
Knees to chest, fall to R/L
Deep, slow, controlled breathing (2minutes)

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