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We are greatly anticipating the opening of The Wellhouse, our new wellness  center and all of the amazing new offerings that are to come. As we prepare to open the building we thought it would be a shame not to begin our EarthFit programming, so all month we are giving people a chance to go on an EarthFit hike with us! Earthfit is derived from  a concept called Shinrin-Yoku, which translates from Japanese to “forest bathing.” This concept is based on studies that show us there are health benefits related to being present in a forest setting. These benefits range from visually taking in the natural setting to lower cortisol levels and improve cognition, to breathing and bathing in the phytoncides released by the trees that have antimicrobial properties, and everything in between. Join our guides as they immerse you in EarthFit, and teach you how being in nature is healthy!

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