Blackberry Farm


Mindfulness in Action

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Working together, mind, body and soul all play an essential role in healthy balance. We learn to understand and appreciate each one when we take the time to be still, listening to the rhythms of our thoughts, our body and our environment.

Deep Roots in Education
Because we want to empower guests to make choices for a long and healthy life, we’ve rooted our wellness program in education. Instead of cycling through millions of diet books, weight loss claims and strict programs, we want to shed light on a lifestyle that is more balanced—and more sustainable. So visit us at to find healthy recipes, exercises, juicing ideas, reading suggestions and more to help you on your path to personal wellness.

Finding Your Center
Over the last fifty years, mind-body research has demonstrated the vast health benefits of meditation, including lower blood pressure, reduced muscular tension, and enhanced focus. At Blackberry Farm, we are no strangers to this powerful practice and its restorative powers. We teach moment-to-moment mindfulness techniques that help guests develop awareness, understanding and ultimately, self-acceptance as you focus and relax. As you breathe deeply and meditate, your body mends the internal wear and tear of stress and fatigue.

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