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The Practice of Yoga

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Why do yogis say they “practiced” rather than they did a workout or exercised?  In my mind the term practice is used as there really is no end goal in yoga.  Yes, yoga takes discipline like all forms of exercise where commitment is required.   But by practicing yoga we can remove our tendencies for perfection and competition.  When we practice, we are “practicing” the art of yoga - the mental, spiritual and physical components of yoga.  

When people say that they can’t do yoga because they are so inflexible my typical response is, “yoga is practice, not perfect.  Everyone starts as a beginner with different levels of inflexibility whether it be in the body or mind.”   

The practice of yoga is the journey, and it is a wonderful journey.   To be present with your mind, body and breath, and to be at peace with your mind, body and breath.
Enjoy the journey and I hope to see you on the mat!

Amanda Anderson, Wellness Director

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