Blackberry Farm


Benefiting from the Garden

Eating From the Garden

Eating fresh and raw vegetables has a universal understanding of contributing to a healthy diet. But the benefits of basing your diet out of your garden are beyond the delicious rewards! Blackberry Farm is committed to healthy living as seen through its new Eat REAL Tennessee certification. 

The Main House and The Barn just earned a Eat REAL certification—a national designation that recognizes Blackberry Farm for our commitment to holistic nutrition and environmental stewardship.

The Connection
Your connection with your food makes all of the difference. Having your own garden or simply shopping at a farmer’s market takes you closer to the food source. You will know how the food is grown, what care the farm or garden is given, and the impact of the weather and the season.

The Work(out)
Gardening for yourself means that you will be outside enjoying the fresh air and working with your hands in the dirt. The National Institute of Health even recommends 30-45 minutes of gardening three to five times a week as a part of a good strategy to combat obesity.

The Relief
Gardening provides the perfect excuse to go outdoors. Just the strong dose of sunshine and vitamin D will help lift your mood. Combining the heavy influx of vitamin d you will get with the sun along with being in touch with nature will help you feel even more removed from the stressors of daily life.

Start your garden today and get more out of your rows than just fresh produce.

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