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Garden Peas - Green Powerhouses

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You may think of garden peas as a simple side dish, but it just takes one deeper look at these powerhouses of nutrition to see the benefits that cover a gamut of healthy focuses.

Peas come packed with fiber, protein and micronutrients. A simple cup of peas only has 100 calories, making it a perfect snack that brings more than one benefit to your mouth and provides great clean eating energy! Peas also carry high levels of anti-oxidants including flavonoids, carotenoid, phenolic acids, and polyphenols which helps build a strong immune system and promotes high energy.

Not only does this green power food provide great energy at low fat content and super antioxidants, but it also provides a lot of vitamin K. Just one cup of peas contains 44% percent of your daily Vitamin K. Partnered with its B Vitamins, your bones are supported by the peas!

We also love peas for their impact on the environment and the garden. Peas are great to work with the bacteria in the soil and pull nitrogen from the air and place it into the soil to reduce the need for artificial fertilizers. They easily grow on minimal moisture so they don’t use up valuable water resources.

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