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Philosophy on Wellness

Philosophy on Wellness

Like so many aspects of life on a farm, Blackberry's philosophy about wellness is rooted in an appreciation of natural balance. Just as each season on the farm affects the next, and just as one natural cycle impacts another, our perspective on health and wellbeing focuses not just on exercise and diets but on engaged, optimal living — on actively seeking out and savoring all facets of the good life.

For us, life’s vitality and fullness is found in understanding the essential relationships between what goes into our bodies and minds and what we get out of them. Surrounded by the beautiful bounty of a working farm, we recognize fully that things like butter, sugars, cheeses and wine aren’t inherently bad. They’re simply different kinds of energy that, when thoughtfully consumed and balanced, can fuel various levels of exercise and activity.

Accordingly, our approach looks to empower people to be active for life, instead of alarming them into short-lived exercise regimens. It informs people about the fundamental connections between the foods we source and eat, the physical activity we undertake and ultimately the way we think, feel and interact. Essentially, it attempts to inform and inspire people to embrace health and wellness as something we can all do to improve our bodies, our relationships and our mental wellbeing.

Blackberry Farm’s wellness programs are designed to bring these key concepts to life in meaningful, applicable ways. From comprehensive athletic training and recovery to real-world nutrition planning and stress reduction, our team creates truly personalized wellness opportunities. Through these tailored activities and experiences, we hope to offer guests better ways to determine, develop and manage their own balanced sense of health and happiness.

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