Blackberry Farm


Director of Wellness

Amanda Myers

Director of Wellness

Growing up in the hospitality industry, Amanda grew up visiting health clubs and spas. At the age of 14, she experienced her first spa treatment and knew she had an instant interest in learning more about fitness and nutrition. While at the University of Georgia, she studied nutrition and writing. Upon graduation, she began her career in the spa and wellness industry.

Having held positions at Red Door Spas, The Ritz-Carlton in Miami, and Golden Door at the Boulders Resort among others, coming to open Blackberry Farm’s Wellhouse was a perfect fit for Amanda.

At Blackberry Farm, Amanda is responsible for the wellness center operations, programming, products and retail as well as fitness programs, wellness events, and conceptual development.

Amanda is a licensed massage therapist, a certified Bikram Yoga teacher and a certified Yoga of the Heart instructor as well as an Ayurvedic practitioner and she has trained therapists on Ayurvedic massage and Aromatherapy massage techniques. She also enjoys competing in triathlons, bike races and running races and shares a love of horses with her mom.

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