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Blackberry Farm’s bucolic setting offers a treasure trove of natural resources to create one-of-a-kind Wellhouse experiences that are found nowhere else. Inspired by the natural rhythms of the farm, we draw from seasonal plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables and other healing ingredients tooffer distinctive face and body offerings limited to specific times of the year.

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January through March 15th we offer winter rates for activities and reservations. Please call to find out more.

Come Grass Time

Available March 1-May 31.

As we emerge from the quiet cold of winter, never is there a better time to shed dull life-less skin and encourage the emergence of new cellular growth. This head-to-toe experience both rejuvenates and revives. Enjoy a wild lime scalp massage and a fragrant citrus conditioning body scrub with the zest of fresh lime to prepare the body for a hydrating steam bath with nourishing essences. Post shower, an application of bergamot body lotion leaves your skin soft and hydrated. Next, a springtime mini facial exfoliates, softens and nourishes your skin. This experience concludes with a shampoo and blow dry preparing for your evening on the farm.

Harvest Time

Available September 1-November 30.

As evenings cool and the signs of autumn begin to usher in,spiced scents of the season fill the air. In preparation for colder months we treat the skin to a full-body massage with warmed oil steeped in fresh Ginger and a private steam bath with a bouquet of fresh herbs. Next, a double maskcontaining Pear & Fig or Pumpkin exfoliates and Blackberry Farm’s Black Walnuts and honey nourishes the skin. Finally, a soothing facial massage leaves your face glowing. Emerge from this warm aromatic experience with a renewedsense of calm and well-being.

Lay-By Time

Available June 1-August 31.

As the sun hangs high in the air, take respite from the heat of summer. The body is drenched in a cooling cucumber and grapefruit mask to infuse the skin with much-needed moisture. While the body soaks up all the goodness, the face is treated to a hydrating facial using Tata Harper’s farm-fresh products. A scalp, neck and shoulder massage with fresh lemon essential oils perk up the senses. The finishing touch is a buttermilk and Wildflower Honey pedicure to ensure your legs and feet look and feel their best.

Restin' Time

Available December 1-February 28.

As the winter season rolls around, life on the Farm tends to slow down. The Wellhouse offers a perfect escape to nurture and warm mind, body and soul. This experience begins with a private Yoga session to restore mind-body balance. Next, enjoy a full-body massage with nourishing Fig and Cedar Woodbody butter. A private steam bath helps the beneficial botanicals deeply penetrate and warm the skin. A cup of Blackberry Farm tea gets you ready toventure back out into the cold, crisp air.

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