Blackberry Farm


Healthy Feet and Nail Care

A collection of natural services for hands, feet and nails to heal and protect. Our offerings range from beauty basics—to strictly therapeutic—to the utmost in luxury. Take in breathtaking views of ‘Three Sisters’ mountain, and enjoy a cup of Blackberry Tea or a glass of wine as you unwind in our stunning Nail and Hair Spa.

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January through March 15th we offer winter rates for activities and reservations. Please call to find out more.

The Essentials

Luscious scents fill the air with an effervescent vitamin C fizzy cocktail soak to cleanse and revitalize. Nails are expertly shaped, cuticles tended, hands and feet sumptuously scrubbed and lovingly massaged. A cooling cucumber mask refreshes before nails are polished to perfection. Choose from Uplifting: Red Currant & Citrus or Energizing: Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Mint.

Luxury-Loving Manicure

For those that only want to lift a finger to try on a bit of sparkle, this perfect manicure was hand-crafted by one of the most in-demand celebrity and editorial manicurists, Deborah Lippmann. Her highly effectivecuticle care technique encourages healthy nail growth. Hands look vibrant with nails wrapped in cutting edge, long-wearing couture nail color. To make theperfect manicure even better, we include affin heat therapy for intense moisture and younger looking hands.

Gilded Pedicure

This red carpet-ready pedicure was developed by in-demand celebrity and editorial manicurist, Deborah Lippmann. Nails are cleaned, shaped and carefully attended, followed by an energizing leg and foot massage. Soy-affin heat therapy hydrates and softens skin before an application of long-wearing couture nail color, and luxurious moisturizer leave your legs refreshed, radiant and looking better than ever!

Ladies’ high-adventure foot restoration

Whether sore from hiking and athletic training, blistered from wearing tight shoes or cracked and dry from daily wear and tear, less than perfect feet can result in an enormous amount of pain and discomfort. This therapeutic foot treatment utilizes Gehwol® products—a world renowned foot and nail care collection. The feet are restored and nails are polished to perfection.

Soy-Affin Healing Heat Therapy

Enhance any hand or foot service with an all-natural blend of shea butter, beeswax and soy extracts. Self-heating mitts and booties help to relieve joint and muscle pain, relax tension, increase circulation, and deeply hydrate to renew hands and feet leaving them incredibly soft and moisturized.

polish options

Couture Nail Color
Average 3-day wear, included in all manicure and pedicure services.


Double the life of your polish with an average 7-day wear.

Gel polish

Maximize color-life for the nails with 14+ day flawless wear, superior color and mirror shine with zero dry-time. Add 15-minutes for the curing process. This product must be professionally removed.

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