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For centuries, massage has soothed souls, strengthened bodies and calmed minds. Recent scientific studies prove why: massage alleviates anxiety and depression; lowers blood pressure; increases circulation; stimulates brain chemicals to induce a state of well-being; decreases pain and stiffness while increasing range of motion; improves sleep; reduces chronic back pain; boosts the immune system; relieves symptoms of PMS; improves mental focus and alertness; and reduces migraines and tension headaches. The Wellhouse harnesses the power of aromatherapy to boost the effects of your massage. Select from three signature blends—Relax, Energize and Uplift—to enhance your sensory experience.

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January through March 15th we offer winter rates for activities and reservations. Please call to find out more.

wellhouse soothe

Our most popular massage utilizes a combination of classic Swedish strokes to improve circulation and gentle stretches to relieve muscle tension. Warm compresses cradle the feet and back helping you to surrender all stress.

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage has been practiced for more than 2,500 years and still is used as a form of
medical massage to treat numerous diseases. Enjoy this harmonizing experience of stretching, massage
compression, acupressure and yoga like positions to release tight muscles and rebalance your system all
preformed on our traditional Thai massage mat. Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing for this

couple’s massage

Enjoy a massage side-by-side with the one you love in one of our duet massage suites. You and yours must have the same duration, but can select your choice of: Wellhouse Soothe, Deep Woods Muscle Recovery, Mother-to-Be,Healing Herbs & Flowers and Hesse Creek Hot Stone.

deep tissue muscle recovery

An ideal selection for any fitness enthusiast, this massage utilizes a combination of pain relieving techniques, warm compresses and deeper pressure to enhance the body’s recovery from a strenuous activity or sport.

galvlati (‘gah luh la tee’)

The Cherokee word for ‘heaven’ is a dance of four hands synchronously weaving patterns of blissful relaxation. As two therapists focus their intentions on creating an experience that encourages the release of stress and tension, the body and mind are gently reminded of the beauty of balance, assuring you a journey to galvlati.

healing herbs & flowers

This delightful massage offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits. Choose Renew, to energize and uplift; Detox, to cleanse and purify; and Rest to relax body and mind. Muscular tension is dispelled with a healing massage using potent blends of essential oils. Next, poultices filled with farm fresh herbs and flowers are steeped in warm water and applied to the body. The soothing warmth induces a deeper state of relaxation while the heat and herbs signal the body to regenerate and repair tissues.

hesse creek stone massage

Feel at one with Mother Earth as warm and cool stones are smoothed across sore, tired muscles. This popular massage dispels stress and tension leaving you relaxed, revitalized and renewed.


Every expectant mother deserves extra care and attention. Let our highly trained therapist safely relieve tension and discomfort caused by changes to the body during this special time.


A unique Japanese energetic therapy that employs light touch to soothe the mind, relax the body and improve energy flow. Experience a greater feeling of peace, security and overall well-being.

Revitalizing foot massage

Everyday living can create an imbalance in the body’s energy zones. This calm-inducing ancient Chinese technique restores harmony by applying pressure to reflex points in your feet that respond to specific energy zones in the body—a powerfully relaxing treatment in a limited amount of time.

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