With 160,000 bottles to choose from, Blackberry Farm's wine cellar is deep with opportunities to learn more about wine. During your stay, you can schedule an opportunity to spend time with a member of our sommelier team for in-depth tasting and explore regions, varieties, producers and vintages.

The goal of Blackberry Farm's Wine Program is simply to offer the most exciting wine experience to each of our guests, from beginners to the most dedicated wine connoisseurs. We are confident that guests with the most experienced wine palates will be overjoyed with the opportunity to experience the wine they have always heard about but never seen, or maybe just revisit an old favorite all found on our Wine Spectator Grand Award winning Wine List.

Wine Menu
Wine Spectator Award Winner

Wine Spectator Grand Award Winner 2006–2016

James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine Program

James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine Program 2014

Blackberry's team of sommeliers led by Andy Chabot pride themselves on helping guests to navigate the extensive wine menu and select a bottle that is perfect for the meal. For guests interested in wine for the first time, our program can guide them through the most unpretentious introduction via a selection of well over 170 half-bottles that offer the opportunity to design the perfect food and wine experience. Either way, we guarantee the experience. If the wine we help you choose does not find perfect harmony with the cuisine and atmosphere, we will replace it with a more satisfying selection. Blackberry Farm's impressive wine list reveals a weighted interest in wine styles that complement Foothills Cuisine®, as well as Sam Beall's passion for specific wine-producing regions. The selection of Rhône varieties attest to this approach. The great Rhônes of Chave, Guigal, Chapoutier, Ogier, Brunel, Rayas and Beaucastel are just a few examples included in our selection. In addition, we feature other great producers of these Rhône Varietals from around the world, such as Alban Vineyards in California and Chris Ringland in Australia. Jackass Zinfandels from Martinelli in Sonoma, Gunderloch's Rieslings from Germany, Joly's "Coulee de Serrant," Dugat's Red Burgundies, Gaja's Nebbiolo's, Artadi's Rioja or Harlan's Cabernets from Napa are other unique examples of available wines that perfectly complement our famous cuisine.

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